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Hydration Challenges

p style text-align left align center strong span style color Our bodies are made up of water so why do we have to drink so much span strong You may hear constant reminders to drink

Can going vegan prevent diabetes?

span style color strong Need another reason to confirm that a vegan diet can be a preventative potion for chronic disease strong span How about the vegan diet reducing your risk of diabetes a condition

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Diabetics, Have your cake and eat it too!

span style color strong People with diabetes do not have to give up sweets desserts and tasty foods around the holidays or any time for that matter strong span Instead all they need to do is eat smaller portions and or make wise substitutions when baking or cooking around the holidays as well as all

5 Ways to be Weight Wise

p style text-align left align center span style color strong Summertime is filled with lots of occasions to eat graduations weddings vacations and family reunions strong span Weight gain occurs when more calories are consumed than burned Here are ways to take control and be wise with your weight this summer p nbsp nbsp nbsp

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