Protein for Weight Loss

With summer coming to end an end, the time may have come to add more layers to your wardrobe but hopefully the same does not apply to your waistline.  One important factor to remember when embarking on a weight loss journey is to make sure you are getting enough protein.  It is inevitable that as one loses weight, some of that weight is from lean muscle tissue.

To combat this muscle loss; strength training is one key ingredient while the other is adequate calorie and protein intake.  In general, most people need about 0.36 – 0.45 grams of protein for every pound of body weight depending on the intensity of exercise.  For example, a person who is 170 pounds will need a minimum of 61 grams of protein a day or up to 77 grams when vigorously exercising.

While protein is crucial for maintaining muscle tissue, it is also important for its satiety; keeping you fuller, longer.  But beware, overeating on protein still means you may be getting too many calories. Striking a balance is key!  Try this great recipe that is packed with 24 grams of protein per serving and perfect for the fall season coming upon us.

Written by: Christina Molinski MS, RD

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