Product Review: Condiments

Imagine a world without condiments. Pretty boring, huh? Condiments add flavor, texture, and in some cases, nutritional value to our diets. Unfortunately, high calorie, high fat condiments may be sabotaging your nutrition goals. Knowing which sauces are healthy can help you achieve and maintain success.

When it comes to condiments, you can’t go wrong with the real thing. And by that, I mean fresh fruits and vegetables blended into pure yumminess. For instance, substitute ranch, thousand island or blue cheese salad dressings for one cup of blended berries. This provides ample moisture, flavor, vitamins and minerals to your salad. Additionally, for baked or grilled meat, blend mangos and add diced tomatoes and red onion. This provides essential nutrients that pre-made marinades lack. The sky is the limit. Be creative!

For the times when you eat out and need an extra kick to your dish, vinegar-based sauces are best. Another idea is to ask the server for olive oil and lemon. Stay away from creamy sauces that are typically loaded with calories and fat. For sandwiches, mustard is a safe choice, but go easy on the ketchup and mayo. Healthier options include mashed avocado, hummus and pesto.

Experimenting with healthy sauces add variety to your diet. Have fun and be aware of the foods you are eating. Take note of the nutrition facts and ingredients found in the condiments you eat. If eating out, never hesitate in asking your waiter specifics about the sauces. It’s your health. Take control of it!

By Laura Oliver, MS, RD

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