Macana Almond Smoothie

I’ve never been a morning person, and always envied those who can be awake at 6 am bright eyed and ready to take on the day. If it was left up to me, I’d happily push snooze on my alarm until 9 or 10 am. That is why, coffee is a must for me in the mornings, and I don’t feel fully awake until about halfway through my first cup. My over dependence on caffeine made me look at my diet and research natural energy boosters. I had heard and read about the benefits of Maca, but hadn’t yet tried it for myself.

Maca, or “Peruvian Ginseng”, belongs to the radish family and is originally from the Andes Mountain region. Peruvians have been using Maca for over 2,000 years as it is known to improve stamina, increase energy and endurance, and even boost libido! Maca powder contains over 50 phytonutrients as well as calcium, B vitamins, amino acids, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. The Maca is dried and ground to make a light brown powder that has a butterscotch taste.

I’ve begun incorporating Maca into my daily routine with these Macana Almond Smoothies for breakfast. Not only are these smoothies really tasty from a blend of banana and almond butter, but I couldn’t believe I didn’t need coffee to start my day. The powder can be easily incorporated in other ways such as sprinkled on oatmeal or included in granola bars. I like adding it to my smoothie because its a quick and easy way to have breakfast, and my cup of coffee all in one!

Macana Almond Smoothie
Serves 1

1 large banana
1 cup rice milk or non dairy milk
1 cup crush ice
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon Maca powder

In a blender, combine all ingredients until smooth.

This recipe is: Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Vegetarian/Vegan

By Stephanie Hoban, MS, RD, LD

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