Lunch on the Run

During a busy day, lunch may end up on the bottom of your priority list. Your body needs the nutrition and energy to finish out your day, so let’s brainstorm some easy ways to ensure your lunch doesn’t get left in the dust.

Grab a salad. Many cafes and delis serve pre-prepared salads that are quick and easy. Salads are typically guilt-free if you consume a low-fat dressing. Enjoy a salad packed with vegetables and a lean protein to keep to satisfied. Then, you won’t have an “uh-oh” moment when you realize you have eaten the whole portion.

Try a veggie sandwich. Deli meats are typically high in sodium and fat. Choosing a vegetable sandwich will give you energy, and will not slow you down to finish your daily tasks. Lunch should not make you tired, but instead energize you and keep you alert.

Choose a healthy side. Unhealthy sides can be very tempting, especially if you’re in a hurry. Plan your sides ahead of time and don’t make unhealthy choices an option. Bringing your sides to work with you at the beginning of each week will save on your waistline and budget. Try fruit, yogurt, a high-fiber granola bar or a low-fat string cheese to maximize your nutrition.

Opt for low-calorie beverages. Even during stressful moments, try staying away from high-calorie, high sugar beverages. You will likely regret them later, when you’re experiencing a mid-afternoon crash. Choose water (of course!), tea or a low-calorie seltzer. Your mind and body will thank you.

Leave a comment below, letting us know how your lunches faired this week. We love hearing from you!

By Laura Oliver, MS, RD

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