Biena Chick Peas: A Snack to Feel Good About

Biena roasted chick peas have raised the bar for on-the-go snacks. Rarely do you have the chance to treat yourself to a snack full of fiber and protein that passes not only the crunch test, but the taste test, too.  Choose from three tasty flavors – cinnamon maple, lime & chili, or sea salt to satisfy your every snacking need.

We know they pass the taste test, but are they dietitian-approved?

Let’s break it down: Each bag has about two ¼ cup servings at 120 calories each. And depending on the flavor, the chick peas pack between six and seven grams of fiber per serving along with at least five grams of protein. Both fiber and protein are important components to any snack as they fill you up and keep you satisfied. Add the fact that the Biena chick peas have zero grams of saturated fat per serving and they are sure to get any dietitian’s seal of approval.

If this doesn’t have you sold, then the only thing that will is to give them a try yourself! If you happen to live in the New England area, you can find them in multiple stores including Whole Foods. Not in New England? Don’t fret! You can order Biena from their website. Keep a bag your desk drawer, glove compartment, or gym bag for convenient, on-the-go snacking you can feel good about.


by Allison Knott, MS, RD

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